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As a PCS sufferer & survivor of 4 MTBIs I found a path to knowledge about this hidden disability, a wealth of information from allover the world. During my own recovery I have been involved in PCS studies & advised health service professionals & private Drs alike on various PCS related matters.

Feel free to ask any questions that You may have here? (Or alternatively contact me through Facebook >>>CLICK HERE FOR OUR MAIN FACEBOOK GROUP<<< )

Regards, David   :)


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48 thoughts on “Ask A question?

  1. So, it’s not a concussion if you weren’t knocked unconscious? I don’t ever remember losing consciousness. The reason that I ask is that I have had numerous head injuries (i.e. baseball bat, golf club, beer bottle, brick to the head, and numerous blows while fighting) from brawling and the like when I was a younger man, and I find that, now, years later, I have problems with my memory. In fact, sometimes, when I’m driving in my own neighborhood, I will not recognize where I am. Also, I forget people that I have met, and should know, not just their name, but who they are or that we ever met. They get very offended when they have to refresh my memory. As well, I am moody, angry, fearful, and depressed, and I have grown to fear crowds and crowded places. I don’t seem to have the focus that I once did, and I can’t seem to motivate myself in the midst of the fear, rage, and confusion that I feel. It’s affecting every area of my life, and I’m growing weary of just living like this. I have only read some of your resources and I will keep on reading to see if I can glean more information. Understand, I live in the United States and I have only had sporadic health insurance throughout my life, so mostly I’ve only received triage for my wounds, and one PET Scan which I never received the results from because I couldn’t afford to pay the bill. Thank you for your blog, and any insight you may be able to share!

  2. Hi HM, the answer is yes it is still a concussion even if there is no marked loss of consciousness at the time. The severity of concussions is determined by the length of any unconsciousness along with other responses.
    A concussion is classed in neurological terms as any violent shaking of the brain which can lead to subtle damage to brain cells called shearing, if a person is out cold for more than a few minutes then the category changes again from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (MTBI) to Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI); if there is a lengthened period of unconsciouness or coma then it becomes Severe Traumatic Brain Injury (STBI). The terms are old fashioned & very much out of date based on what neurological experts know now.
    3 of my 4 MTBIs didn’t knock me out so I can say for sure that there isn’t anything mild about MTBI!
    It does sound like you’ve been through some of the same types of trouble that I had with forgetting, struggling in general & like myself you’ve also had multiple concussions. This year is my 6th year dealing with PCS & my last concussion was just under a year ago. I decided this year that because I have not been able to get treated where I live I would go private, I’m near the end of a 6 month course of Bowen Therapy Technique, I’ve had Reiki healing & hypnotherapy for my anxiety & depression & I now only use non-pharmaceutical medications. I feel well & can manage things I couldn’t a while back so please don’t give up hope HM?

    The trouble with PCS is it strips you bare of things, job, home, friends, money, relationships & you wake up one day & realize sh*t, I don’t have anything to get up for today, nothing to motivate me & majority of people don’t understand so they can’t really help…..
    I’m glad you find the blog useful that is my motivation (along with the groups we run on facebook) to bring others in from the isolation of PCS & talk to others around the world.

    Regards, David :)

  3. David, thank you for the detailed response. Brother, believe me, you have a reason to get up in the morning, and you have so much more to do, and, no worries, I’m not going anywhere any time soon. Your response gives me hope.
    People in general, and the medical establishment in particular need to be made more aware of this. When I heard about the football players here in the states shooting themselves in the chest to preserve their brains for study because of the repeated blows to their heads, I read about the problems that they had been experiencing, and that’s when I thought that I may have a problem. It’s like walking around in a fog all of the time…a malevolent fog. I don’t even seem to be able to maintain the concentration to research the problems I’m having.
    If you don’t mind, could we continue this dialogue via email? I don’t feel like airing my dirty laundry for the entire blogosphere. It has been my experience that most people regard my personal story with a mixture of incredulity and a feeling that I have deserved what I have gotten in life. Anyway, if that’s amicable to you, I am at:
    Thank you, again, for your service…you’re a hero in my book!
    By the way, this took me over an hour to write…I used to be able to crank out letters, and content non stop, and, now, I’m lucky if I finish a letter in an afternoon.

  4. I understand perfectly HM, I’ll email you back very soon. One of my talents has always been writing & putting things into words so you can understand why I was in such a bad place when I couldn’t even do that? You’ll make it back to a good level of comprehension & cognitive ability if you don’t follow the establishment route of drugs, drugs & more drugs because they just worsen PCS!

  5. Hi David, You linked to a page on my website but since then i changed my links so it needs updating…. also would you please just use my first name in your post as i’d rather keep this part of my life off the google results list if potential employers are researching me (im job hunting) Thanks! Shaun

  6. I think PCS should be taken very seriously. Research and development needs to be done, I’m looking for a genuine charity to support the research to help other struggling. Whilst travelling in Poland a group of football hooligans attacked me and a friend which resulted in me having both a bottle and a pint pot smashed on my head leading to bleeding from the ear. I did not go to the docs whilst away but noticed severe symptoms days later. On my return I visited the Doc and he told me about Concussion and PCS. For months after I did not feel myself, the rooms and world would violently spin, my anxiety was outrageous and it really effected my life. Whilst trying to continue my life I did some labouring work to earn some money to get to a friends memorial do. Whilst digging with a pick axe I swung only to find a bungee cord washing line in its path! It bounced back and split my skull open, obvious adding to the PCS I was experiencing. It is a long process with not much knowledge, help or support. I was not knocked out on either occasion!

    Still today I have episodes of extreme vertigo and crazy motion feelings that I cannot control. I have moments of not feeling myself and shortness of breath. Its horrible, but im trying to live as normal as possible. Although it is impossible to hide the severe dizziness at work. I was given stemitil tablets to try and calm the dizziness but they did not help, just caused heart palpitations!

    PCS is crazy! We have labelled these symptoms with a name but we dont know enough about it!

    Some people have suggested drugs as a remedy, I would suggest people dont do that as they alter dramatically the brains senses and functions. Particularly cannabis over a period of time. Try to get a sleep pattern as that is when your brain is not functioning as much and can heal, stay hydrated and eat well. That would be my advice.

    • It’s truly shocking what happened to you, so many alcohol-related attacks get ignored but it is one of the principal causes of head injury today! It is not just people who get knocked unconscious who go on to develop PCS & this is what catches out most NHS Drs etc in the UK, they are way behind the rest of the world, in fact Britain is disgracefully so far behind it is truly embarrassing despite all the noise about how great our health service is supposed to be (its not when you’ve had brain injury believe me!)

      Another myth is that not enough is known about PCS to do anything….. Wrong it is well understood in places like Buffalo Uni & son on generally in the USA & other areas where research is right upto date on how, why, what treatments work etc…. once again Drs whom are ignorant & clueless spread the myth that NOBODY knows about PCS just because they’re ignorant of the facts…. All they need to do is pick up a book such as Michael A.McCrea’s on PCS & MTBI & the info is all there!!

      In the exact word of the world leading experts on PCS “Drugs can & will worsen PCS/PPCS with over usage!” I’d use valerian & hops tincture & lots of Magnesium malate to get my sleep pattern back (its cheaper than cannabis too)

      You can find 1145 others to chat to at :

  7. I need some serious help. My bf had 6 concussions in the past 15 years. He has never been to a doctor for any of them. He complains of headaches, dizziness, and foggy thoughts. He also has severe changes in mood. What do I do to help? I love him but all of this is making me ill as as result. I just want my bf back.

  8. Hi David,
    any way I can contact you directly…via email or even have a talk on the phone? I have been suffering greatly and have gotten no help online….would be a gift if I can talk with you directly…..time spent on the computer is extremely difficult for me….I suffered a terrible concussion over a year ago..will tell you more about it, but I have specific questions…thank you for your kindness….Dr. Mitch Levy

  9. Hi David,
    I need your help, I had an accident at work & was diagnosed with PCS, I wasn`t myself for about a week before I had an incident at work which I know is down to PCS as it`s not my normal behaviour as it was totally out of character
    Don`t ask me why but I can`t explain it, I concealed a product where I work & realised what I did & threw the packaging in one bin & the product in another I don’t know what came over me, I have since been dismissed from work for gross misconduct – I know if it wasn`t for my PCS I would not have been sacked from my job, this behaviour is just not me – any ideas what would have made me do this?
    For the life of me I can`t connect why I did it & why I had this behavioural change – any help in answering these questions would be of great help & advice you could give me would be of great help?

    Thanking you in advance.


    • Dear Saj, this is not in anyway unusual behaviour post-brain injury & it is often the case that when someone has suffered a mTBI that they release a lot of inner tension & do things out of character. I too was dismissed from a job due to my injuries, the world is not yet fully ready to accept PCS as real. The real challenges lie ahead, I hope you can find suitable assistance & healing.
      Your old job may well be no longer any use in months to come, be prepared to let go & to focus solely on healing your brain & your emotions…

      If you would like to know more then please find me on facebook & find our groups too, there are many from the world over who suffer… yet together we are stronger Saj :o)



  10. Hi David,
    Thank you for your reply.
    Do you know of any case studies or similar stories or even any websites, which you can share with me on the behaviours you described, as I am in the process of appealing the decision taken against me?


  11. Hi David,
    As a 48 year old lady I’m unfortunate to have PCS and Chronic migraines following a blow to my head ten months ago now, How grateful and thankful i am to find this website. You really do feel that there is little help/support available for this condition and that you are in a ‘world’ struggling on your own. Do you know of any support groups in the country. I am living in the Newcastle Under Lyme area,I don’t use my computer much because the concentration and screen bother me. Thank you for your help.


    • Hi Karen,

      Glad you found it useful and that you’re also looking for support and education. The only brain injury groups in the UK you can attend are Headway, though that is a general head injury thing and not specific to pcs! You can always join us online on Facebook just click the links on the main home page


  12. Hi David,

    Since September 2014 I have been suffering from PCS. I completed my full course load of classes which hasn’t helped my brain and I have felt no improvement at all. I have the symptoms of continuous everyday headache, fatigue, nausea, trouble sleeping, irritable, easily confused, noise and light sensitivity. It is now the start of my last semester in my accounting program and I am debating on only taking 2 courses or if I should have a break from school all together. That is I am wondering if a break will help? Any ideas which option would be best? I am sure like most people I am seeking the fasted recovery if possible

    Thanks Aleesha

    • Hi Aleesha,
      Your problem is a very common one in regards to the short to mid term effects of PCS. I would say that ultimately the only way to heal is to rest, most of us will struggle badly being told this as it can lead to a sense of loss and even grief as our old life seems to die before us!
      The truth of the matter is that without a Holistic planned approach to PCS you may not heal for years (say if you just trust traditional pill pushing medicine) acupuncture may help you no end at this stage!

      Come join us on Facebook btw… There’s nearly 3,000 others there in our groups whom are either suffering or know someone who does. It’s a good place to start 😀!/groups/113072042059485?ref=bookmark

      • Thanks David,

        I am going to dedicate these next 4 months to heal this injury. I have not took any of the pills doctors have prescribed and I will avoid stressful situations if possible. I am going to continue eating nutritious foods, going outside everyday, and getting lots of rest. I am planning to do all actions needed to ensure I am able to heal this. I am now living back at my parents place where there is an additional 3 loud young kids in the home. They are great at keeping me entertained and to play games with. I realize rest is the only way to truly heal, so I am now wondering if you know if even though I am avoiding school and hard/stressful work, could hanging out with these children, example playing board games, baking, painting, not be the rest I really need? Does my brain require rest as in doing nothing in a dark space, alone everyday instead?

        I really appreciate all your thoughts on this injury and experience, for I want to make sure I heal this. I realize the only answers to heal this are by learning what others with successful stories have done.

        Thanks Aleesha

        • Well Aleesha you found the fb groups so that’s great… One word of warning there though on the subject of posts and content there, it is mainly quite heavy and there’s a lot of talk about medications which is not good! We can’t stop people finding out for themselves that drugs DO NOT help PCS they will eventually just make it worse!

          You shouldn’t give up all external stimuli but just keep it minimal and whenever you feel your head heating up or getting foggy then stop, drink Lots of cleansed water and sleep sleep nap and sleep :mrgreen:

  13. My 14 yo experienced a concussion during a football game in October. He was cleared by the concussion specialist beginning of December. He has experienced significant behavior changes, making wrong decisions, experimenting with things he shouldn’t, and doing poorly in school. These are all new behaviors for my son. I feel like he is lost. I am a nurse and in back of my head keep thinking about PCS, but then I tell myself he is a 14 yo freshman that is trying to be cool and being a follower. I am so upset with his decision making and biggest fear of him messing up HS life or even worst reaching a point of depression as a teen. He keeps getting into trouble and therefore keeps getting grounded. As a Peds ICU nurse I see daily how poorly these kids cope and that scares me to death, Please help. Any input suggestions appreciated. Thank you.

    • Hi Danielle,

      It does sound as if your Son is suffering behavioural after effects from his concussion. Whether it is fully developed PCS yet or not remains to be proved, his behaviour sounds typically to be pcs type where decision making and judgement are impaired. It may well be the case that you have to see more specialists as often they get it wrong.
      If he’s been cleared already there will also bev the chance that that dr didn’t use the correct range of tools and tests available (but probably used CT and MRI neither of which help other than to rule out more serious injury)
      Get another opinion of you can, and join us on Facebook we have a group for parents and carers, a group for teenagers only and a main group too.!/groups/113072042059485?ref=bookmark

      Caregivers group :!/groups/728277303856549?ref=bookmark


  14. Hi! I had a concussion from a fall last October, 2014. No Loss of Consiousness. I feel like I am doing well but I have had a couple of things happen to me.
    Today, I ran out of gas for my vehicle. I have NEVER run out of gas before and I feel like my judgement is a little off. There are other things that have come into play where I am putting things off and not speaking up about them because of embarassment or feeling ashamed of my choices. I dont see these things til I am passed it but in the moment, I am not very concerned. I seem to be down playing things a bit.
    I feel as though I am not myself, so to speak. I feel off in my decision making. I am a nurse and an older adult. I am not in my twenties or thirties. I feel like i should “know better”…
    I was out of work for 2 weeks in November when I finally saw a sports med doc and he has helped me with my headaches. What are the other issues that are “normal” or I should be aware of. Do people have decision making issues and feel like they would not have done things before a concussion?
    I also feel like the person who has alzheimer’s… they are aware their memory is not the best but try to down play it or hide it from embarassment.
    Thank you for your time.

    • Hi Jennifer, firstly I must say that you’re definitely NOT alone in your symptoms, many people go through this and similar even though they did not pass out completely at the time of injury!

      You will find that severity of impact on concussion and outcome in terms of long term troubles are not on any kind of measurable parallel always.

      It does do this to you ( I remember first hand how my own judgement and decisions suffered) I found it very difficult to cope and was in denial for a good while too…

      I Would suggest that you perhaps check out our related forum on Facebook which generally is a good place to start, you can talk privately to others there and that can help no end…!/groups/113072042059485

      Your brain can rewrite and Re-wire itself in time if you help it naturally and don’t just zap it with endless medications, they don’t help you to heal even if they can take away some of the sort term symptoms…. You treat yourself holistically ; you can get a chance of getting much better 😊

  15. Hello David,

    I have had post concussion for 5 months now. I have constant head pain that has never left for even a minute, as well with very high pitch ringing in my ears. I have not trusted or taken any of the medication pills doctors had prescribed to me. I am now wondering if you know anything about taking medical marijuana with this constant head pain. I am resting as best I can, but I have many side issues along with this concussion such as constant stress, depression, and sleeping problems. I am curious to know if medical marijuana postpones the actual healing and recovery just as all the other pills doctors prescribe.

    If you know any information regarding this please let me know,
    Thanks Alex

    • Hi Alex, thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing such problems; I live in the UK so we are not permitted to have medical marijuana here…. Although I would say why not give it a try? If it doesn’t work then maybe explore acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, Bowen Therapy or HBOT?
      I am not an advocate of modern pharma medications either, I beleive they only prolong & worsen PCS entirely…. Come join us on Facebook if you get the chance?

      David :o)

  16. Hi David,

    Thanks for all of your great work, top man. I’ve had PCS almost a year now and it couldn’t be less welcome. Can you recommend a good Bowen Therapist please mate? I live in North Yorkshire so preferably in the north but I will travel if they have a good reputation.

    Many thanks and I hope you’re well,

  17. My husband is 40 and has mood issues since childhood that have caused significant problems. We have received a copy of his notes and it seems clear that the precipitating event was a head trauma when he was 7, he fell off his bike and was unconscious. Post concussion syndrome symptoms are the bit fit for his situation. Over the years my husband has seen several psychiatrists and has done a lot of counselling. We live in Scotland and wonder if there is a good Consultant here that could review his history and confirm if PCS is the route cause of his problems. Also, are there any braining training techniques that can be used to improve symptoms.

  18. Hello again David. Have you heard of the trance-like states that occur following a TBI, that puts a person in a sort of dream-like state? Also criticisms by other people can lead the injured person to using violence, can’t it?

      • Well that’s a relief, as I suspected this was the case. I’m sure the yellow or Amber-eyes effect that I experienced, was a combination of an epileptic-fit which triggered the fight or flight mode, as physical trauma can do this, can’t it?

  19. I got my concussion 11 months ago and quickly approaching a year, and I’ve been through physical therapy twice with two different people, I’ve done dry needling, antidepressants that help with migrains, I’ve taken off a month if school, and had a summer to do nothing, and yet I’m still having headaches all the time. Any suggestions of what might help at this point? I’m a 18 year old female who is healthy and used to be active in sports. I can’t play sports and my doctor’s aren’t sure I’ll ever be able to again, and this is my first concussion that I’ve known about. Also, I wasn’t knocked out from the injury and I remember everything, and I didn’t start to feel anything until 45 minutes after the head hit, from girls shoulder during basketball.

    • Hi Bitsy,

      Is not the case that everyone losses consciousness during a concussion, many do not and remember it all more or less.
      There is no easy answer to this question about how is best for You to heal, sadly myself and many others have been through months or years of being literally ‘ kept ill ‘ by a science and pharmaceutical based medical industry before coming to realise that the answer is holistic (I.e treating PCS on all levels rather just taming some symptoms temporarily with drugs)

      Probably the best thing you could do initially is to join our community in Facebook so you can relate and talk with others whom have been through similar…

      Whatever happens you will get better in time, it just takes a certain mindset and an open one at that

  20. I had an overhead lamp at work come loose, swing down and strike me on the head and neck. It knocked me down and I dont know if I blacked out or not. This was before Christmas. Now I am having headaches, neck pain, dizziness and just got diagnosed as having PCS. What kind of things am i looking forward to happen to me ?

    • Well Russ that depends on a few factors as to what will happen to you… Who will you entrust your health and healing to firstly? Many just expect modern medicine and drugs to have all the answers, others go out and learn about their condition, become experts themselves, go holistic in treating not just the symptoms but the root of the condition, some get better quicker than others do…

      If you were injured just before Christmas then there’s still a chance that you could recover to a greater extent before going on to develop PCS in the long term. Usually the diagnosis is given after the 3-6 months point past injury, yet still there is the chance of recovery upto around 12 months. PCS is not considered prolonged unless suffered for 1-3 years.

      You will probably never be the same person you were pre-injury but you can heal and live with the change whilst your brain repairs itself…

      The best thing you can do is join our online community and that can help in many ways –

  21. My son was assaulted at the age of 15 he’s now 18 and has struggled with post concussion headaches, we’ve tried various ” old style anti depressants ” but these give him serve depression . He’s struggling on , we’re trying acupuncture, alongside herbal tablets .
    The only thing we haven’t tried is Botox – could I have you views please and if there’s anything else that’s worth trying – after the prescribed medication side effects worried about similar depressive side effects .

    • Hi Heather, I can empathise with his situation and yours as his carer also. I personally think that medications are one of the worst causes of Headaches (including withdrawals for some time afterwards) but also dehydration, no allopathic medicines are made specifically to treat PCS and that is the problem with allopathic medicine – that they simply look at symptoms, not the whole person!

      Botox? I’d be very wary of that as a solution from what I’ve seen in our groups it is not an ideal treatment and the long term usage isn’t great either… I say treat the whole person, use holistic means and naturopathic medicines along with therapies like Bowen Technique Therapy, Cranial Release, acupuncture, HBOT, Reiki, hypnosis and NLP plus maybe brain sync.

      If you can they please lookup our Caregivers and parents PCS group :

      I was lost in the merry go round of prescription drugs and the rotten healthcare system that destroys health for almost 5 years until I went holistic and natural and then I recovered within months… So have many others whom are now starting to realise that drug companies only exist for profits and so does the modern healthcare system that is controlled by a $300,000,000 a year industry

  22. Hi..

    9 months ago I had a concussion as a result from a crash skiing – in which i landed heavily on my head. I didn’t lose consciousness but there’s about 30 odd minutes after falling that I don’t remember at all (I remember the fall). I also hurt my neck, but an x-ray showed no breaks. Following the injury, I was quite stupid in the way that I continued as normal without resting (It was my first week of uni so I felt like i couldn’t miss it). I wasn’t right at all for about 2 weeks. However 9 months, I still have a lot of those symptoms and I’m wondering if i may have PCS… I find it really hard to concentrate and remember things (such as names or things i have to do). I’m also much more irritable than I used to be, I find social situations really uncomfortable and have trouble controlling my emotions (randomly laughing/crying). Also, I often completely zone out from what’s going on around me. Finally, I get a lot of dizzy spells (something I’ve not experienced before) and I’m also incredibly tired all the time.

    Having written all that down, do you think it’s likely that i could have PCS? And what can be done about the symptoms..?



    • You don’t need to be knocked unconscious to have a mTBI Claire, in fact ANY shaking of the brain that is violent enough can cause mild Traumatic Brain Injury.
      It definitely sounds like you may have lasting after effects from your Concussion & its not unusual for people to try to carry on and live their lives in the same way as before… However you need to address the issue with natural and therapeutic means rather than allopathic medicines (drugs such as antidepressants and painkillers etc) which WILL worsen PCS.

      If you get chance please come join us in our forum groups :

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