Recommended Books

If you have any recommended books on Post Concussion Syndrome, MTBI or Brain Injury in general then please feel free to leave comment & share so that others may benefit? Here are some of the best publications that are available….

‘You Look Great – The Book’ – By John C.Byler

‘Nourish Your Noggin – (Brain-Building Foods & Easy-to-Make Recipes to Hasten Your Healing From Mild Traumatic Brain Injury)’ – By Tina M Sullivan

‘Coping With Mild Traumatic Brain Injury’ – By Diane Roberts Stoler

‘Over My Head’ – By Claudia L.Osborn

‘Mild Traumatic Brain Injury and Postconcussion Syndrome: The New Evidence Base for Diagnosis and Treatment’ – By Michael A .McCrea

‘The Brain Injury Workbook: Exercises for Cognitive Rehabilitation’ – By Trevor Powell & Kit Malia

‘Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior: Navigating the Transition from Combat to Home–Including Combat Stress, PTSD, and mTBI’ – By Charles W. Hoge

‘Understanding Mild Traumatic Brain Injury’ – By Mary Ann Keatley Phd & Laura L. Whittemore

A Range of Pamphlets & Books Available From

The Concussion Crisis : Anatomy Of A Silent Epidemic – By Linda Carroll & David Rosner

Brain Injury Advocates: The Emergence of the People with Acquired Brain Injury Human and Civil Rights Movement – By Susan C. Hultberg


6 thoughts on “Recommended Books

  1. May I also recommend this book:
    “You Look Great” – Strategies for Living Inside a Brain Injury” By John C. Byler and Laura Ricard Ph.D.

    I have personally read this book, it speaks to the heart of the matter and helps you understand what is happening and how to overcome or work around some of the issues we face daily. Highly recommend it!!

  2. Yes thanks for reminding me of that one Marie, I’d put John’s website under Coping Strategies section but I’ll put a permalink into recommended books section too, after all his is one of the most up-to-date books available & is uniquely written.

  3. Please check out Lost and Found, A Survivor’s Guide for Reconstructing Life after a Brain Injury, by Barbara Webster. Numerous comments on

  4. David,
    I just came across your website for the first time and everything you wrote on the home page I know all to well in my past. I am recovering from years of confusion and frustration with doctors. I am finally ready to make post concussion syndrome awareness a big part of my life and help others either avoid it or learn how to improve. Your website was the first I found on my google search. I am researching on how I can make a difference in my community. I live in the U.S. and I will be fighting people’s years of belief system that don’t want to acknowledge this huge problem. I am going to be a loud voice that hopefully saves a lot of lives.

    I have had some crazy symptoms and would love to share more of them and also learn how you started this crusade and how I can help make a huge impact on PCS awareness.

    So glad I came across your website.

    • Well Russ, firstly it’s great to read that you’re taking a stand too on the task.of educating the world about PCS. It’s been nearly 5 years since I started our cause on Facebook (link at the foot of this post) and ever so gradually we see changes in society’s responses, particularly in North America but elsewhere it’s a real tough job as so many are hooked on the pharmaceutical companies quest for profit & well more profits…..

      you can make a massive difference too, you simply have to have the right belief & intentions to remain positive despite ANY setbacks or ignant people who stand in your way…..

      come join us in the groups if you like?
      great to meet you!!/groups/113072042059485?ref=bookmark&__user=773659934

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