Links & Associated Sites

Facebook Group for PCS Awareness Worldwide

Headway UK – Brain Injury Advice

Dr Alison Merrick – Bowen Therapy Technique – West Yorkshire

Bowen Therapy Technique – List of UK Practitioners

No Panic UK – Guidance & Help for Sufferers of Anxiety & Panic Attacks

Anxiety UK – Helpline & Treatment for Anxiety Sufferers

The Knockout Project – 21st Century Concussion Education


Hidden Homeless Foundation – Facebook Group

‘Scrambled Brains’ – Post Concussion Syndrome – Ashley McAndrew’s Blog.

TBI Hurts’s Blog – Nobody Would Listen, Not Drs, Family, Friends Nobody Cared!

The Post Concussion Syndrome RN – Katherine’s Blog

Fighting Post Concussion Syndrome Blog

Post Concussion Syndrome (PCS) Support – Shaun’s UK Blog

Post Concussion Kate’s US Blog

Concussion Chronicles – Canadian PCS Blogsite

Invisible Illness Week’s Website (September 10th-16th)

Neuro’s (Merseyside) Official UK Website

The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum’s Official Website’s Official Website

Wolters Kluwer – Uptodate Website – Patient information: Depression in adolescents (Beyond the Basics)

Cerebra – UK Children’s Charity for Neurological Conditions – A Hidden Key To Our Spiritual Magnificence
Inward Matrix Healing – My Own Business Website – Spirit Readings Online…


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