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Despite what your NHS GP or specialist will tell you, there ARE plenty of very effective & accessible treatments for PCS! The problem with our health system is it does not recognize PCS still even though its been around since the middle of the 19th century as Erichsen’s disease, Railroad spine & Shellshock & therefore will not pay for such treatments. Our NHS is also heavily reliant on the big pharmaceutical corporations for valuable profit, so helping people recover holistically would effectively put a massive hole in their business & they’re never going to allow that whilst things remain as they are.

Getting treated WILL cost you quite a bit of money as none of the therapies needed to aide & speed recovery are available on the NHS who can currently only prescribe pharmaceutical pain killers, anti-deppressants, mood stabilisers & anti-inflammatory drugs none of which will improve your PCS long term, in fact all the current expert opinion & evidence is that will only worsen PCS!

Natural remedies are available to treat pretty much any PCS symptoms, and unlike their pharmaceutical equivalents do not generally bring on heavy & unpleasant side effects & are less likely to cause stomach problems or sleep disturbances etc.
Don’t get me wrong I’m not totally against pharmaceuticals/Meds altogether but in my own & many other peoples experience they never bring about a long term solution, being instead a temporary crutch when things are too much for the PCS suffering individual.

So what is available? What are the choices? Here’s a few links which will explain in more detail, including contacts & therapists in your area….

Bowen Technique Therapy for PCS – More Information

Bowen Technique Therapy Research into Successful PCS Treatment

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatment – Information About Treating PCS

Hyperbaric Oxygen – Research & News on HBOT

Reiki Practitioners by Area in the UK – Natural Therapies Website

The British Medical Acupuncture Society



Mercy Oil Products – Scientifically Proven Relief in a Drinking Oil for Tea

Bach Flower Essences – 38 Original Flower Remedies

5HTP A Natural Serotonin Precursor Which Aides Sleep & Pain Relief

St John’s Wort Supplement for Depression, Concussion & Nausea etc

6 thoughts on “Remedies & Therapies

  1. I tried everything from massage to acupuncture to recover from PCS. Some things gave me temporary relief, i think they cheered me up a little when i was feeling low, but they didn’t help me recover. The only thing that did was slow, patient, gradual, measured, incremental increases in my activity over many months. I used walking as i could measure it accurately in steps from struggling to walk to walking 100 yards and eventually several miles.

  2. I think I had one session of acupuncture at a Chinese medicine clinic which helped with mood & pain for a while, they also gave me a really disgusting tea drink made out of some weird looking herbs which unfortunately made me sick! I definitely agree that walking is the best form of excercise as it can be easily measured out. Initially anything more vigorous would make my head feel as if it were ready to burst, the brain swelling from my first concussions did actually show up on a CT scan which is quite unusual. Walking is a great mood booster to & cheaper than some of the gyms out there too.

  3. Remedies for some injuries like concussion is now being exploited by some experts. One of it is the use of acupuncture. I don’t know what is their scientific explanation but it could somehow help improve or regain the mental condition of a person who is under concussion treatment.

  4. I know a number of PCS sufferers in our FB groups who are currently undergoing courses of acupuncture & they seem pleased with the results, it is one of a number of therapies which (unlike modern medicine) treats the whole person on a holistic level. I prefer Bowen Technique myself but each has their own individual preferences I guess.
    Not enough influence is given to therapies & methods which work on the underlying problems such as pain, anxiety, depression & poor mood in my opinion because once an individual has stopped taking all the drugs & meds they will still have to face up to those issues eventually, whether it be months or years symptoms can manifest for a long, long time. Hypnotherapy, Reiki & NLP are far more likely to help a person to recovery than any drug known to wo/mankind as they work through the problems not plaster over them. I fear some countries have a time-bomb like epidemic with PCS & heavy medication policies, it all runs around corporate profit & politics here in the UK… Quite sad

  5. Hi David
    Thanks for your website – it’s great to know I am not alone.
    I want to comment on what you said about anxiety, depression and low mood – PCS is so stupid frustrating, you can’t see it, the symptoms don’t make sense and it seems to be never ending and that’s not even talking about the reactions you get from other people.
    For me I have to say that the thing that helped me the most with this in the two years that I’ve been struggling with these headaches is meditation – not because it is healing my brain (because I don’t think anything but sleep and time is capable of doing that) but because it taught me to accept what is going on, it allows me to stay calm in stressful situations (like work) and that makes a huge difference in how much pain I am in. It helps me sleep, it helps me have a life while being in pain.
    Thanks again for your site, I’m looking forward to trying the things I found here that I haven’t before – like St. Johns Wort, it makes sense and makes me think Ginkgo Biloba and Omega3 might also help?

    • Sorry my reply is so belated Chantal. I agree that meditation is a wonderful way to stay centred and maintain your inner stillness. There are however several neuroscientific studies which show that meditation DOES aide and assist brain healing and neuroplasticity!
      It’s amazing to think that we have most of the tools to heal ourselves if we only know where to look šŸ˜ŠšŸ‘

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